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E-LIX Mini Wallbox

The Mini Wallbox is a mobile device for charging electric vehicles via the normal house connection (230V alternating current).

Ordinary wallboxes can be replaced with the E-LIX Mini Wallbox and since funding for private wallboxes came to an end, it has also been the cheapest option for charging an electric vehicle at home.

With 3.7kW, a range of up to 200km * can be recharged within 8 hours (overnight)

* At a consumption of 15kWh / 100km

DSC03375 (2).JPG

You can download the operating and installation instructions here:

Mini wallbox 3.7kW

3.7kW | 1-phase | 16A | 7.5m

We deliberately opted for the "blue camping plug" (CEE16A) because, unlike conventional SchuKo plugs, it can withstand a continuous current of 16A and thus ensures safe operation.

A corresponding socket for the CEE16A plug is very easy to attach instead of every household socket and is also inexpensive.


The charging current on the wallbox is freely adjustable:
6A  = 1.4 kW
8A  = 1.8 kW
10A = 2.3 kW
13A = 3.0 kW
16A = 3.7 kW

The wallbox display shows the following values:

  • Set charging current

  • Mains voltage (detection of bad lines or contacts)

  • Current charging power and current charging current

  • Internal temperature of the wallbox (shutdown if the temperature is too high)

  • The charging time since the start of charging

  • The charged energy in kWh since the start of charging

  • The charging status (in the display and with green LEDs)



Mini wallbox 11kW

11kW | 3-phase | 16A | 7.5m

The 11kW wallbox with the same functions as the 3.7kW wallbox and with a red CEE plug is expected to be available in mid-2022.

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