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Which is the right charging cable?

Is choosing the right charging cable for you like breaking up a mess of cables?

- Here is a simple explanation

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Why are there different type 2 cables?

The manufacturers determine which charger they install. In general, one can say that the more power, the more expensive the charger in the vehicle is.

In theory, you can charge any vehicle with any charging cable, the only difference being the charging power, which is based on the weakest component.

What is the charging capacity based on?

After the following three participants in the charging process:

  1. Charging station (or wallbox)

  2. Charging cable

  3. Charger (in vehicle)

The weakest link determines the charging capacity. Charging stations usually have 22kW available and are therefore never the weakest link. This means that the charging cable should be based on the charging capacity of the vehicle.

What types of in-vehicle chargers (OBC) are there?

In principle there is one type of charger:

  • 1-phase | 16A (= 3.7kW)

If you use two of them serially you get:

  • 1-phase | 32A (= 7.4kW)

If you take three of them in parallel you get:

  • 3-phase | 16A (= 11kW)

And if you combine everything you get:

  • 3-phase | 32A (= 22kW)

Which charger does my vehicle have?

Unfortunately, information from the manufacturer is often not clearly communicated. You can get good information on the Internet if you first enter your vehicle type and then the word "charging power". For vehicles with different variants, only a look at the new vehicle configuration usually helps. You can usually tell from the vehicle's charging socket whether one or three-phase charging is used. If two pins are unoccupied there, the vehicle charges single-phase, all of which are then three-phase.


Which cable do I choose?

In principle, every vehicle charges with the 22kW charging cable with the maximum charging power of the vehicle. However, costs can be saved with a charging cable that is adapted to the vehicle. The charging cable should always have the same charging power as the vehicle. There is only one hidden problem:

  • A vehicle with 7.4kW charging power will only charge 3.7kW with an 11kW charging cable, this is due to the different number of phases

Still unclear which cable is the right one?

No problem, we'd be happy to help you. Simply contact us by phone call, Whatsapp or email

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