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Vehicle optimization

Do you want more range, more power, more efficiency, better climbing ability, the possibility of recuperation, more precise data on range and state of charge or other properties?


We make it possible!


Battery upgrade

Most of the properties of an electric vehicle are directly influenced by the battery.

That is why we have developed a powerful battery system which can be flexibly adapted to any vehicle and which meets all safety regulations.

To do this, we use the latest generation of LFP cells, two variants of battery management systems and chargers in different performance classes

2021-03-19 11.14.56.jpg

SoC display lead-acid battery

The state of charge of a lead battery can be calculated from the voltage. In the case of vehicles, environmental influences such as temperature or power consumption are not taken into account, which falsifies this value.

We have eliminated these problems with our capacity measurement system and are able to display the battery charge level with percent accuracy.

Type 2 charging technology

With the type 2 charging socket, your e-vehicle can be charged at public charging stations and wall boxes. The charging power remains the same, but charging losses at the plug contacts can be reduced. With our charging equipment , the charging process can be monitored and interesting data evaluated


Controller optimization

The motor controller takes all driving signals such as the values of the gas pedal and thereby determines the speed and torque of the electric motor.

With specific software, various parameters can be adjusted to your preferences. If the software is not available, it is possible to use and adapt a new motor controller.


Battery heater

In winter, the cold temperature usually causes problems for the batteries. Lead batteries provide less power and range, lithium batteries must not be charged below 0 ° C.

Our battery heater warms the battery while the charging cable is connected, thus ensuring better performance and a longer service life. If there is enough space, the battery can also be insulated


Cable / contactor upgrade

Often a cable cross-section of 25mm² or less is used in the performance class of small vehicles and the cables are left too long. The voltage drop across the cables and the contactor results in a loss of power and thus efficiency. A larger cable cross-section and a larger contactor can increase efficiency and performance

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