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Here you will find an overview of our previous developments.

We are constantly researching new things and, thanks to our know-how, are able to offer many special solutions.

Elektronische Schaltung

Battery tester

Thanks to our self-developed battery test bench, we are able to discharge lithium cells with either 140A or 280A. This enables a journey to be simulated with full power consumption.

The measurement data can be evaluated and graphically displayed via an interface to the PC.

In addition, the internal resistance and temperature behavior of the cell can be analyzed.

Would you like us to test your cells? No problem! Contact us

Batterie Diagoansicht.jpg

E-LIX Battery Systems

Battery systems are our specialty.

We can develop complete systems on customer request and use our adaptable design for this.

Whether as stand-alone or integrated in vehicles and PV systems, we are flexible.

We would be happy to check your request

2021-02-22 17.37.19.jpg

Electric jacks

In order to be able to comfortably load and unload the demountable cabin of our motorhome project, we have developed a system that electrically enables a stroke of 1m at a maximum of 1,200kg and can regulate it in a filigree manner. Attention is paid to the load distribution, parallelism of the movement and even the alignment to the plane.

This system is adaptable to many different applications.

We would be happy to examine your request

Hintergrund V1 Sample Zahlen.jpg

Multifunction display

In development - pictures will follow

With this display, we want to create a convenient interface between the battery management system and the user.

The intended use is primarily intended in the automotive sector, but the display is programmed by us and can be adapted to customer requirements

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